Pre-Compressed Joint Sealing Tapes (ISO-CHEMIE)

Facade Accessories

Pre-Compressed Joint Sealing Tapes (ISO-CHEMIE)

We supply high quality pre-compressed joint sealing tapes, which are especially designed and manufactured to provide the best sealing solution for the following applications:

  • Construction joints (including moving joints)
  • Precast Concrete joints
  • Skylights
  • Between cladding panels
  • Curtain Walling
  • Perimeter seals around windows and doors

ISO-Chemie is an owner-managed family business that was founded over 45 years ago. They develop, produce and distribute innovative system solutions for industry and the building trade. Their core business focuses on energy-efficient and sustainable building waterproofing and the development of technical foams.

In the technical sector, their products are used as “technical parts” in the form of flat gaskets, sealing tapes, profiles, cut-to-size parts and moulded parts made of foam and are also used as packaging cushions, presentation, construction and logistics and transport packaging in many industrial sectors.

As a leader in sealing technology, they have launched a range of high-performance joint sealing products for window installation, in front of the wall installation, solid construction, industrial/commercial construction, metal facade construction and timber house construction. Their sealing solutions help to achieve a positive building energy balance. The system components specially developed for reliable building waterproofing are coordinated in function and application and meet the strict requirements of the Building Energy Act.

They have already been granted over 50 patents for their energy-saving and environmentally friendly products.