Portable Drilling Machine KSDV

Facade Accessories

Portable Drilling Machine KSDV

  • Portable undercut drilling machine with vacuum base
  • Professional design
  • Flushing chuck
  • Drilling chuck
  • Vacuum base
  • Venturi nozzle
  • PRCD
  • Electrical water locking
  • Stop rail

For drilling and undercutting.

With KEIL diamond tipped façade drills.

  • KEIL portable drilling machines are used for professional and mobile drilling and undercutting of small batches, infill and special size panels.
  • The portable drilling machine is placed in an optional position on the façade panel and firmly connected via the vacuum base.
  • Exact positioning can also be achieved via stop rails.
  • The KSDV portable drilling machine has been developed for water cooled drilling with KEIL diamond tipped façade drills.
  • The simple handling is supported by the low weight of this handheld machine and allows for its use on the building site.
  • Panels of any size or weight can be drilled efficiently and undercut precisely.