Spacer KH

Facade Accessories

Spacer KH

Disc with inner and outer hex from AlCuMgPb

Outer Diameter: 15/18mm
Height up to hex: 6mm
Height incl. hex: 7.5mm
Spanner gap without: 9mm
Spanner gap within: 9/12mm

  • Mount the spacer disc inside the calibrated undercut drill hole in order to balance tolerances in panel thickness
  • The spacer disc will offer a reference surface with a consistent distance to the front side of the panel for the assembly of the bracket

Natural Stone

Artificial Stone

Manufactured stone

Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC)

Advantages of the KEIL fixing system for the attachment of façade panels with high tolerances in thickness:

  • Balancing of tolerances in panel thickness up to 6 mm (4 mm for drill head).
  • No reduction in pull-out load for thinner panels.
  • For thicker panels, the countersink will be manufactured in one single step together wich the drilling and undercutting of the panel.
  • The front side of the panel is always the reference measure (therefore there will be no more need for different spacers.
  • The insertion of the anchor and the bracket can be carried out in one step.