Aluminum Curved Panel

Ideal for Interior Design & Furniture Applications

Metawell® Aluflex is a material with rigidity levels that depend strongly on the direction. The corrugated sheet is bonded to only one aluminium cover sheet. This structure enables easy 2D-forming and provides a high rigidity to curved lightweight elements like curved ceilings or columns.

  • Lightweight aluminium panel, where a cover sheet is connected to a corrugated aluminium sheet in a continous manufacturing process
  • Material with highly anistropic stiffness, resulting in a very simple two-dimensional shaping
  • Simple processing of the material with standard tools
  • High corrosion protection since all used aluminium sheets are pretreated with a primer
  • 100% recyclable without prior seperation of materials. The proportion of secondary aluminium is 90%

Furniture with Metawell® Aluflex

Columns with Metawell® Aluflex

Wall cladding with Metawell® Aluflex

Curved elements with a combination of Metawell® and Metawell® Aluflex