Radiant Ceilings

Metawell® Radiant Ceilings

Heating and cooling rooms efficiently and creating pleasant room acoustics with radiant and acoustic ceilings
The term radiant ceiling refers to a suspended – in most cases also sound-absorbing – ceiling, which can heat and cool a room. Radiant ceilings work like the sun by means of radiation. In the heating process warm water flows through the copper pipes on the backside of the panel. In the cooling phase, the Metawell® ceiling element absorbs the heat radiation of the room. Thereby the floor, walls and furnishings cool down and as a result the room temperature drops.

Convection and radiation in the room



  • Heating and cooling with one system
  • Lower energy consumption, since the perceived room temperature can be set 1-2 °C lower
  • Less space in the ceiling cavity and in the technical center, since water is a better energy source than air
  • Hardly any maintenance cost
  • High performance allows a lower occupancy density
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Quick reaction time because of excellent heat conductors aluminium and copper


  • Radiation heat like the sun
  • No noise disturbance and no noticeable breeze
  • No swelling of bacteria and dust
  • Good room acoustics due to high sound absorption
  • Equal temperature level in the room


  • Various contour and edge geometries
  • Different surfaces and coatings
  • Unlimited flexibility in planning, room design and room layout
  • Easy installation of sprinklers, lamps and maintenance flaps
  • Thin ceiling construction thanks to low construction height
  • Low weight
  • High load capacity by sandwich structure
  • Unique flatness
  • Suitable for every floor plan
Grid Ceiling


Jointless Ceilings
Modular and Grid Ceilings
Ceiling Islands

The corrugation channels are used to add different functions to the rigid lightweight aluminium panels

Heated floor and wall systems
  • Heated wire can be easily laid inside corrugation channels
  • Suitable for all applications and for all panel types