Light Transmitting Concrete

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Light Transmitting Concrete

Our unique Light-Transmitting concrete panels are fully produced in Germany, and processed like natural stone in the form of slabs. The panels have a very smooth surface finish, and are designed and engineered to transmit natural or artificial light from one side of the panel to the other by the use of fiber optics. Our panels are perfectly engineered to have full light translucency without any loss in the transmitted intensity or variation in colour, they are produced and treated like natural stone making them very tough and completely weather proof to fulfill the capacity for exterior and interior applications. There are boundless applications for our light-transmitting panels ranging from facades to walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and accessories. Additionally, we can supply LED panels, stripes, and modules which can be perfectly matched and coupled to the light-transmitting panels in order to provide a special backlighting technology that can transmit over 16 million colours with special effects such as still, dynamic, gradient, and music-matching backlighting.

  • Tested and approved to be fire, frost, and UV resistant
  • Exquisitely unique design and fiber optic pattern
  • Available in multiple colours and surface textures
  • Panels available dimensions:
    • 1200 x 600 mm
    • 1600 x 600 mm
  • Panels available thicknesses:
    • 15 mm
    • 20 mm
    • 30 mm
      • Panels available in Anthracite and White coloured pure-concrete format without fibers, these panels are non-translucent however they are produced with the exact same mixture to maintain the panels’ outstanding properties, surface finish, and colour.
  • As per the client’s request, our panels can also be supplied ready for fixing with post-installed undercut anchors placed at agreed locations