Substructure Systems



Substructure systems for ventilated curtain wall facades (VCW)

Ventilated curtain walls (VCW) are acknowledged as sustainable, cost-effective and technologically advanced facade systems. A ventilated curtain wall can reduce a building’s heating energy requirements and thus dramatically cut its CO2 emissions. As well as their outstanding physical and structural properties, VCWs offer architects a virtually unlimited range of possibilities for creating striking designs.

GIP GmbH is a manufacturer of metal substructure systems for ventilated curtain walls. The VECO® aluminium and steel substructure systems offer standardised solutions for fastening all widely used facade cladding materials. Each standard system is then supplemented by custom-made components specific to the project.

We at FAPINEX design and supply substructure systems and components which offer standardized solutions for fastening all widely used cladding materials.