Roller Conveyer Drilling Table KRT

Facade Accessories

Roller Conveyer Drilling Table KRT

  • Drilling table with multidirectional roller conveyor 1,500 mm x 600 mm incl. portable undercut drilling machine KSDV
  • Stainless steel
  • With pneumatic panel fixing (manual control)
  • 2 stop rails
  • 4 swivelling stops
  • Service unit
  • Max. edge distance of drill hole in y=150mm
  • Wooden crate

For drilling and undercutting.

With KEIL diamond tipped facade drill bits

  • Drilling machine for efficient drilling of KEIL undercut drill holes for use in the workshop or on the building site (total weight approx 90 kg). The multidirectional roller conveyor (1,500 mm x 600 mm) with pneumatic panel fixing equipment warrants very good handling, simple operation and fast conversion to another hole distance.
  • Once the insertion depth hShas been set, panels of different thicknesses can be drilled without further adjustments.
  • The depth position of the undercut hole can be chosen in consistence with either the front or the back side of the panel. For undercut drillings in consistence with the front side of the panel the conversion set for front face related must be fitted.
  • The portable undercut drilling machine can be disassembled and used with the vacuum base (without roller conveyor).
  • Feet adjustable in height
  • Machine can be used separately
  • panel format 1,200 x 600 mm